Who am I?

  • A lifelong NH resident
  • A Ph.D. candidate in chemistry at the University of New Hampshire
  • A teacher of organic and general chemistry lab skills
  • An avid learner and researcher of new and innovative solutions to existing problems

Teacher and Mentor

Jarec has been a teacher of chemistry lab skills and tutor of chemistry, physics, and math for 4 years


Jarec is a published researcher in the field of solar fuels generation


Jarec has been an advocate for freedom and individual liberties as the vice chair of Granite State Libertarians, a political organization dedicated to promoting liberty seeking candidates from across the political spectrum


Watch him make a difference!

Christine Comtois-Slaughter From Rindge, New Hampshire

There couldn't be a better candidate. Let the games begin!

Linda Keane from Deering, NH

He Amazes me with his knowledge and how much he does truly care.