Bring Liberty to the Granite State

A lifelong New Hampshire resident committed to expanding individual liberties

Breaking the two party system for real change

Bringing a new persepctive and new ideas to a broken system

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Expanding the Voice of Residents

Woman speaking into megaphone

Giving the People a Louder Voice

New Hampshire prides itself on its freedoms, so why do we not allow ballot initiatives?

I promise to support bringing ballot initiatives to the residents of New Hampshire
The proven successes of ballot initiatives in Main and Massachusetts show that New Englanders are capable of using and believe in ballot initiatives as a way to govern

Reduction of Taxes

Money growing on trees

Keep Your Hard Earned Money

Money doesn't grow on trees, it gets taken from the pockets of hard working citizens. I believe that you know far better what you can spend your money on to benefit your life than someone in a government office

While real wages have stayed flat, property taxes have continued to rise
I promise to never vote for a tax increase and support only revenue neutral or budget decreasing measures

Drug and Criminal Justice Reform

Prison cell

Stop Treating Addicts and Non-Violent Offenders as Criminals

The Drug War has resulted in countless lives being ruined when so many people should have been given help instead of sent to prison

New Hampshire is bordered by states that have moved to legalize marijuana, and it is time that we do the same
The Opioid Crisis is an ongiong epidemic in New Hampshire and I will support every effort to promote helping those with an addiction seek rehabilitation rather than being arrested